This weekend’s Greensboro Comicon was my first Comic Book themed convention. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will try to catch the Charlotte Comicon if not the Bull City One. I was able to get some time to talk to artists Marcus Williams (Tuskegee Heirs) and Afua Richardson (Black Panther: The World of Wakanda), along with professional Cosplayer, Eddie Newsome.

Marcus, Afua and Eddie were the panel on the Black Heroes Matter forum. It was great to speak to them and thank them for their work and talents. Below were a few sights from the weekend.

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Greesnboro Comicon IMG_20170917_160426_276IMG_20170917_142044 IMG_20170917_141638 IMG_20170916_140440 IMG_20170916_154638 IMG_20170916_120350 DSC_1636 DSC_1640 DSC_1638 DSC_1637 DSC_1666 DSC_1664 DSC_1662 DSC_1655 DSC_1652 DSC_1646