I lost my voice recently. I can still talk, but the desire to express myself publicly has left me, as I bob in a sea of everyone else’s opinions.

Everyone had something to say about this, that, the other, and of course, opinions they don’t agree with. I didn’t feel like I needed to add to the pile. I’ll be back, hopefully soon with more stories from others. Contact Me if interested in sharing a transformative experience.

In the meantime, a hero of mine, fashion and street photographer Bill Cunningham passed away. I admired his drive and passion. I lost that passion in the middle of making photography a (part time, mutually exclusive from my day job) profession, and soon began to have a distaste for it.

Capturing the fleeting moments between moments “feeds my eyes” as Mr. Cunningham used to say. I dearly missed doing so.

This weekend I pursued passion in the middle of professional opportunities. Here are a few glimpses of some of my personal favorites. I think I succeeded in venturing out beyond my comfort level, getting into the fray, no longer afraid of potentially blocking views.

My voice shall return fully, but for now will manifest itself in increments of a thousand words.

Thank you, Bill Cunningham.