Natty Greene’s Kitchen + Market restaurant opened last Tuesday and was on our weekend agenda to visit. As new vegetarians we didn’t know if it was going to be a waste of our time, as having an on-site butcher is a big part of their brand.
IMG_20170729_143022Being newly opened, the eatery notified us with signs and the hostess’ greeting that they were still in a training phase. For the most part I’m a fairly placid diner, as long as I don’t have to wait too long for service or food. So this post is not on an Anton Ego vibe.

The Revolution Mills aesthetic was evident with tall windows, exposed brick, pipes, ventilation and beams. It “put me in the mind of” New Orleans’ Frey Smoked Meat, where we dined recently in carnivorous days. We liked the menu, ample beer selection, sides and wished we had one closer to home.

As a burger lover, I still want to have the “burger” experience. Around town I’ve tried Mad Hatter, Hops and Big Burger Spot veggie patty options. Some were better than others.

Fritter Cakes

Fritter Cakes

The menu does have options for vegetarians, be mindful that you’ll have to tell them to hold the bacon or ham on some items. The veg burger option here was the Beet Burger. Let’s just say it was not ready for prime time (the staff was very accommodating), and I’ll revisit this option in the future. The Fried Cauliflower, Scalloped Potatoes were straight, but the Fritter Cakes and the Cranberry Bread Pudding were the clear favorites.

I think a few more vegetarian items on the menu will allow for a more well rounded dining experience for patrons. I was inspired by the food and setting to document my experience (and may do more in search for vegetarian dining-out options). If this was helpful, leave a comment.

Natty Greene's Kitchen + Market