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#20: The Sunday Breakfast Five

In the most spontaneous episode ever (sparked by runny eggs), Noelle and I come up with a list of Five Things We’ve Grown to Love Over Time. Enjoy.

Guesting on the We Just Be Talking Podcast

I sat in with Temoura, Jocelyn and Lyssa on their podcast this week! I have been engineering the last few episodes and in the background but asked if I could sit in this time. We talked Lemonade, Birdman, Prince, Harriet… Continue Reading →

#4: Decisions, Decisions

Episode Four of the podcast is all about decisions. John Beohner decides to leave┬áCongress after a visit w/ The Pope. Smart Homes and ifttt make decisions for you FX’s Fargo, Season 1‘s characters make increasingly bad decisions The U.S. is… Continue Reading →

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