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The Wedding Guest struggle

As a sometime wedding photographer. I’ve come to loathe smartphones and tablets appearing en masse.  It killed Noelle and I when we saw angles and perspectives that we would have captured that weren’t. But we turned down the opportunity opted… Continue Reading →

We Just Be Talking #blacklivesmatter

I sat in with the girls from the We Just Be Talkin during my downtime to talk about #BlackLivesMatter and my fondness for Leslie Jones.

Feeding my eyes

I lost my voice recently. I can still talk, but the desire to express myself publicly has left me, as I bob in a sea of everyone else’s opinions. Everyone had something to say about this, that, the other, and of course, opinions… Continue Reading →

#BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName Midnight March

On New Years Day we assembled with Black Lives Matter Greensboro and #GreensboroNow activists for the #SayHerName Midnight March. Our family and a friend joined supporters, when we turned on Elm-Eugene, the police came out in force about 25 deep,… Continue Reading →

2007 vs 2015. I fell in love with photography because i love to capture moments. An instance in time is frozen, preserved. We see a slice of life. To witness the contrast between two correlating moments we infer the passage… Continue Reading →

#3: Black, To The Future!

Episode 3. We talk about Time Travel with the upcoming date of Oct. 21, 2015 fast approaching, where Marty McFly (Back To The Future 2)  shows up in the Future Hill Valley, and my fascination with all things Time Travel. Lifehacks… Continue Reading →

#1: Presenting Proof of My Existence: The Podcast

The first episode of Proof of My Existence. Bryce Williams, Lifehacks and What’s Your Super Power? Tell us in the comments.

Vehicle storage matrix

something old / something new

love & photography. behind the shutter: rented Nikon d750, 24mm f/1.4 lens, with its beautiful bokeh straight out of the camera. keep capturing.  

How Much Is The Doggie in The Window?

Lazy Sunday

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