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love & photography.┬ábehind the shutter: rented Nikon d750, 24mm f/1.4 lens, with its beautiful bokeh straight out of the camera. keep capturing.  

How Much Is The Doggie in The Window?

Lazy Sunday

Between the lines

Turtle food run to Walmart #vscocam

The Primary Correlation

I’m meeting my little brother for the first time today. I knew the day of the week that it was, but until this morning you didn’t dawn on me that it was on election day for the primary races. On… Continue Reading →

RT’d by Patton Oswalt

Pointed out kindly an idea he had in the series with Jerry Seinfeld about how to kill Superman had been done.

The parenthood struggle

Pulling my pace up

or down depending on how you look at it. I’ve been running for a little over a week now consistently so I hope results are going to show up in the next month if I can stick with it.

Something I put together for my mother in law’s 65th

Lazy’n the sun

A short time layoffs of what Enzo does best.

they say a Relationship is work

they aint never lied. in that place where they did wrong and you did wrong but there’s more wrong that you feel is on their end that justifies an action that their perceive as the greater wrong. and to have… Continue Reading →

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