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#9: All About Unconditional Love

Due to popular demand, we’re back with our guests from podcast Episode  #6: All About Self Love, Sharita, Ayisha and Zithobile! Following up on lessons learned since the podcast, the definition of unconditional love, childhood experiences that affect self-acceptance, shifting perspectives from having… Continue Reading →

#8: The Kwanzaa Collective

Dr. Dawn Hicks Tafari, Jamillah Neeairah Nasir, and Dandara Boyd of the Greensboro Kwanzaa Collective join me this week to talk about the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa: Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community,… Continue Reading →

#7: The Conversation of Matter

Journalist Michael Hewlett, Communications Specialist Tiffany Jones and Scholar & Author Chevella Wilson join me to discuss domestic terrorism, mentorship, Black Lives Matter, gun control, the 2016 presidential race, Patti Labelle and we offer what we’re thankful for after a… Continue Reading →

#5: Opinions are like, Assholes

This month of November has been about Opinions. How they are expressed, and reactions to them in the media and social media. Mizzou, Black Lives Matter, Pray for Paris, Pray for Kenya, Beirut, and Patty Labelle’s Sweet Potato Pies. How… Continue Reading →

#4: Decisions, Decisions

Episode Four of the podcast is all about decisions. John Beohner decides to leave Congress after a visit w/ The Pope. Smart Homes and ifttt make decisions for you FX’s Fargo, Season 1‘s characters make increasingly bad decisions The U.S. is… Continue Reading →

#3: Black, To The Future!

Episode 3. We talk about Time Travel with the upcoming date of Oct. 21, 2015 fast approaching, where Marty McFly (Back To The Future 2)  shows up in the Future Hill Valley, and my fascination with all things Time Travel. Lifehacks… Continue Reading →

#2: The KKK of Kim Davis, Kanye & Kermit

Kim Davis, Kanye, and Kermit’s THOT (That Ham Over There). Donald Trump. Anchor Babies. Fitness Tracking Lifehacks. What’s your Vice? Leave yours in the comments.  

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